What happens when an Accountant turned Tech Business Analyst gets laid off her job.  She contemplates the future and decides to stay at home with her two boys and try her hand at entrepreneurship while cooking lots of good food and sweet smoothies.

When I’m not stuck in the kitchen or glued to my laptop, I’m probably in my not-so-fabulous garden or in Target.  I love green tea, green smoothies and avocados.

I truly thought staying at home would motivate me to be more “fit” but staying home with a one year old proves to be more challenging than anticipated.  So that “fit” goal is still a work in progress.


I’m married to my college sweet heart and we have two boys together.  We are constantly brainstorming and on how to have fun on a budget and we seem to be doing pretty good (with my help of course).  My husband is the spontaneous “Let’s just go” type and I’m the, “But, wait, how much will this cost?” type.  So we balance each other out pretty well.