Breakfast Squash Hash

Squash is such a summer time staple.  And at one point, I had so much squash I didn’t know what to do with it.  My parents would give me a bucket of fresh veggies (squash included) every time I saw them.  And I just so happened to have lunch with an old co-worker who brought me a bag of squash and zucchini from her garden.  So, here I was making veggie quesadillas and roasting them and sauteing but they still weren’t going fast enough.  You know how the fresh veggies have a much short shelf life than the stuff in the grocery stores.

IMG_3372So, one morning, I had this crazy idea to use some of my squash to cook breakfast with.  Yes, squash for BREAKFAST.  But trust me, it works!  I call it Breakfast Squash Hash.  And it’s fairly simple.

I started by dicing one large squash or two smaller ones.  I also chopped up some onions, garlic and red bell pepper.  You can really use any bell pepper that you like but I am particularly fond of the red :-).   I love how the red pepper gives my dish a pop of color and it’s sweeter than the green bell peppers.

I add salt and smoked paprika and I saute those veggies in oil or butter until soft, about 10-15 minutes.  The trick here is the smoked paprika.  It gives it a wonderful taste.  I purchase my smoked paprika from a local farmers market but sometimes they don’t always have it.  I have tried substituting the smoke paprika with regular paprika or sweet paprika but it just doesn’t give the same flavor.  It may look like cayenne pepper, but don’t worry, it’s not too spicy.


Once that’s done cooking, I turn the stove off, I throw in about two hand fulls of spinach on top and I cover the pan.  This will trap in the heat from the stove and wilt the spinach.  After a few minutes, give it a stir and it’s ready to go.

How am I supposed to eat it?

So now you may be asking, “How do I eat this?”

Since I completely just made this dish up, I will help you out.  We love to eat it one of three ways in our house.

  1.  Just how it is.  Scoop it right out of the pan and eat it as is.
  2. Breakfast Burritos.  Scoop this into a warm tortilla and enjoy.  I love to add a little sriracha sauce to this one.
  3. On top of grits.  Picture shrimp and grits minus the shrimp.

IMG_3579The third method is by far my favorite.  If I go this route, then I add a little more butter or oil to my pan when sauteing my veggies in order to have some “juice” with my veggies when adding it to my grits.  I also don’t have to worry about my kids trying to eat a burrito that always seems to create a mess in their little hands.



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