Nose Bleed Prevention

Our official start of summer is when my oldest son has begun to wake me up in the middle of the night with a bloody nose.  As a parent, it’s so hard to get any good sleep at night.  It feels like we replaced the night time “I peed in the bed” with “my nose is bleeding”.  Maybe I should have clarified that statement.  As a mother, it’s hard to get any good sleep at night.  I failed to mention that my son walks right past dad and comes right to me.

Our first nose bleed took place a few weeks ago and continued nightly.  I took all of the regular precautions to ensure that our son just wasn’t too hot at night.  We kept a fan and the air conditioning on and made sure he wore comfortable clothes.  But that simply wasn’t enough. Nothing was preventing the nose bleed from happening.

I felt bad for our son.  Plagued with this discomfort and disturbance.  But he gets it honest.  My childhood was plagued with nose bleeds as a child and so was my husband.  I can vividly remember having nose bleeds at the worst time ever and not necessarily just at night, as my son does.

I remember getting read to walk out of the front door with my friends to go to our Girl Scouts end of year banquet when…. dun dun DUN!  My nose starts to suddenly bleed and I have blood running down my purple satin-like shirt that perfectly matched my purple floral print dress.  That was also the day we learned that hydrogen peroxide easily got blood out of anything.  I mean, that stuff is amazing.  A little squirt of peroxide and your stains starts to bubble up.  Once it’s done bubbling, rinse it and it’s done.


But the true amazing thing here, is what we used to prevent the nose bleeds.  All we did to prevent the nose bleeds was to add a little moisture back to his nose with coconut oil.  The main reason nose bleeds happen are because of the lack of moisture and irritation.  So before bed, I grab a Q-Tip and dip it in coconut oil and he rubs the inside of his nose with it.  I used to do it for him, but all he did was complain that I wasn’t doing it right lol.  So he does it himself and guess what?

We have not had a single nose bleed after applying coconut oil to the nose.  Not a single one.  Nose bleed prevention sure beats trying to stop a bloody nose during the night.  But oh if I forget…around midnight, here he comes.  Poor guy.  And poor blood cleaning mama.

I actually wish I would have known this little hack while growing up.  But I will settle for getting more sleep now that I do know this.


Photo credit: image from MySouthernHealth


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