Lunch for a Family of 4 on Less Than $7

I’m always looking for ways to save money or do things a little cheaper without sacrificing quality.  So, I just had to share how I fed my family of four lunch today for $6.50!

We usually don’t eat out unless it’s a special occasion but our pediatricians office is pretty far so we usually make it an evening (or morning) of it and grab some food together while we’re out.

Today, we had an 11 AM appointment so we figured we would grab lunch afterwards.  We arrived early so we were done by 11:15 and by then, I had already ordered a whole Italian sub from Publix around the corner, which would be ready for pick up by 11:25.

Every Thursday morning, I check the Publix sales paper on my phone (and no, this is not a paid advertisement 🙂 ) to see what’s on sale.  I’m usually only concerned about the BOGO (Buy-One, Get-One items, because Publix can be expensive, and I noticed they had a sub of the week for $4.99!

So, I pre-ordered us a sub to share for $4.99 and I grabbed us a big bag of chips to share for $1.50.  The chips were part of the BOGO sale so they were originally $3 but half off if you bought one bag.  Side Note: I didn’t realize the BOGO sales differed from state to state until I was in Orlando on vacation and I was shopping for snacks and thought, “Great! The chips are BOGO so I grabbed a bag and went to check out and realized my bill was higher than anticipated.  It was because in Florida, you have to buy two items in order to take advantage of the BOGO deal.  While he in Georgia, you can just buy one item and that item half off if it is Buy One Get One Free. Imagine my shock lol.  I returned the chips :-).

But any who, let me tell you how delicious that sub tasted.  It was good! I’m not even a “meat” eater but it tasted good.  I think things taste better when it cost less.  I also think I build better subs online than at the counter.  It seems like there are less items in front of you at the sub counter than what’s listed online.  For instance, I always add these Boards Head Garlic Pickles when ordering online.  But where has these pickles been all m life?  I’ve never seen them in all my years of ordering subs at the sub counter???  Of course, this could just be my oversight, but who knows.


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