Flaxseed For Menopause

Earlier this month, I was over my grandmother’s (in-law) house for a family dinner.  It was almost all of my in-laws that live in Georgia and my parents.  I love how both my husband’s family and my family get together quit often.  Our two boys are the only grandchildren on both sides of the family and my husband and I both know that the children are the only reason we get invited over anyway (lol).

After we were full of fish fry and pound cake, the women and the men naturally separated into different rooms to fellowship.  I was undoubtedly the youngest woman in the room and everyone else was just about pre or post menopausal but my mother shared something that I had shared with her a couple of years ago and I had forgot all about it.

Everyone was comparing the discomforts of menopause and I remember just sitting there hoping that this would never happen to me!  Between the  hormonal mood swings to the horrible night sweats, it sounded like a nightmare.  But one thing that they all agreed on, was that the heat flashes were ruining their lives.

So that’s when my mother shared what helped her, which I happened to have shared with her after I read about this a few years ago.  Flaxseed!  Two tables spoons of ground flax seed per day can cut hot flashes by 50%.  Now, I’m not anywhere near menopause, but my mother swears by it and shares it with anyone in need of natural relief.

Being close to Atlanta, we love going to Your Dekalb Farmers Market and we can get flaxseed for $1.40/lb!  It’s fresh and restocked quite often.  But if you have a hard time finding it, you can always order some organic flaxseed online.  I hope I’m not the only one addicted to online shopping.

I honestly completely forgot about this health hack simply because as a nursing mom, I through flaxseed in everything for a milk boost.  These little grains are just great for everyone; nursing moms, menopausal victims (it truely is a crime to have to suffer like I’ve heard), or anyone looking to lower their cholesterol.

One key thing to add is that you must grind the seed up in order to absorb the nutrients.  Whole flaxseed will keep longer than ground seeds.  We buy the whole seeds and keep them in the pantry and grind them up as needed.

Enjoy you some flaxseeds today.


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